Teen Depression: What’s The Big Deal?

  “Depression: You either win or die trying.”


As a teen battling with depression myself, I have to say suicide has been a thought more than once. Why? I can be in a crowd of people and still feel alone. Things get hard, harder than they should be. I sometimes wander why people say teenagers are just children, because in my life, I have to deal with adult problems. I also know other teens do too. I have talked to strangers my own age, and most of them are depressed. It is sad that “kids” have to go through so much, and a lot of it is because of selfish adults. No one seems to reach out to us and help us figure out things. We have to act like adults and handle the situation ourselves, but we get treated like children. We make mistakes. Our lives are trial and error. We find out what makes us happy and we try to stick with it, whether it is a person, thing, or hobby. Yeah, we make mistakes, but why can adults make mistakes and we can not? I make mistakes, and I am not 18. So what? I’m human. I sin. Everybody does. God even said so. I believe in God. I am saved, but I am still depressed. My youth pastor at my Wednesday church says depression is self pity, and to be honest, I wanted to smack him over that statement. Depression is a battle and I am going to God to help me, but it is not something that can be fixed over night. Just like with other teenagers. We still have hope, and that is the only reason we’re alive. It is like Pandora’s box. At the bottom, through everything, there was hope. I try to go on anonymous websites helping teens with depression… There are so many problems and struggles in the world of today. It is heartbreaking to see “children” wanting to end their life. It is not fair! If it does not make you wanna scream, then I do not know what will. The world is fading away into sadness and despair, and I realize that it WILL end. However, that knowledge will not stop me. I ask everyone to stand up and be bold. Everyday try to make someone smile. Smile more. Do not go to bed crying yourself to sleep, because darling, you do NOT deserve that. You are worth more than you will ever know. If anyone ever needs anything, contact me! Depression is a serious thing, and I want to help. Won’t you too? 

Rachel Hopes

Rachel Hopes


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