Staring into a looking glass. Wandering how did it get like this… So much war. So much corruption. I want more than a soothing interruption. I want light to touch the world and make it do more than just turn. I want to be more than just a girl who waits for the sun to burn. A revolution. An evolution of evil to love. A different earth. A birth of something tough. Something new. Something to stop the fire. I want it to come true …to quench the impossible desire. But the world will fade away and death will be upon us. Any day and we will disappear but the universe will adjust. We are just a grand of sand upon an endless beach. We stretch our hands out farther than we can reach. Grasping for more time. But that’s the thing about life. Short and to the point. And then we are gone, destroyed.

Rachel Hopes


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