Life with Me

 “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ~Robert Frost

I was born with the name of Rachel Hughey. I am 15 and 1/2 years old and am currently going as a sophmore at a small school in West Tennessee. I live smack dab in the Bible Belt. I do not like to be defined as a “Christian” because there are so many people out there who call themselves that yet have no clue what it really means. In my eyes, a “Christian” is a person who tries to be Christ-like, which I try to do. I am a sinner and not worthy of the man who died to set me free. Love hurts and on that day, it really did. Jesus was betrayed by His people, even by some of his own disciples! And do you know what he did when he was hanging on that cross that WE put him on? He said, ” Father, Forgive them.” A man who was beaten and left to die for being sinless, for speaking the truth had no words of hatred, but he did have words of love. He died for me, so I will live for him. It’s the least I can do. You see, I if I were to die, the world would not stop moving. Time is the only true thing that shows we exist. Time goes on forever, just as it has always done. I’m only here for a short time as God constantly reminds us in the Bible, so I’m going to make it worth it.


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