Fire and Ice

Hot as the Sahara Desert
Cold as Antarctica’s waters.
My frozen soul against his which burns.
Such a contradiction, my spirit falters.
He burns with passion and desire.
And as his heart touches mine, my icy heart begins to melt.
The ice fights against the fire.
But as it seeps into me, I realize it’s the best thing I ever felt.
I am as cold as death.
He is the warmth that brings me to life.
I finally catch my breath
and the ice comes to its demise.
So as the world wanders whether the world will end in Fire or Ice,
I already know.
For I’m glad I made the sacrifice
for it saved my icy soul.
The world will end in a flame
as so did my heart.
For fire like that is the blame,
because it tore my world apart.
When you feel the fire enrapture you,
you’ll understand.
The sky will no longer be blue
at the smoke’s demand.
Don’t be afraid
From the ashes you will rise
Destiny has already been laid
For there is no such fire as the fire in his eyes.
The very same fire that melted the ice.

Rachel Hopes

I don’t need you…

Pure love is what comes to mind
when I hear your name
My heart is no longer mine,
and you are the blame
I’m going insane.
I may not need you but I want you
I wanna scream and run the other way
But then you pull me close and I don’t know what to do
Heart starts racing
Mind runs wild
I begin fading,
but then you pull me to your side
You kiss my head,
then our lips devour
My intentions are read,
and I give you all the power
You have my heart in the palm of your hands
So much desire
I feel where your fingertips land
So much fire
You consume me,
pulling me in
You confuse me,
what a righteous sin 
I let go
Your grip tightens 
You love me, I know
My whole mood lightens
I’m lost within your dreams
If you wanna know the truth,
I’m ripped at the seams
and I need you…

Rachel Hopes

Love Melody

He was 5’8 with hazel eyes.
From the beginning, I could tell he wasn’t like the usual guys.
He came in and sat down and started playing his guitar.
His music drew me in and before I knew it he had my heart.
The notes were in synchronization with my soul.
He was enticing and charming and rocked me like rock n roll.
Watching his fingers strum across the strings
I had never been so jealous of such a thing.
He was intellectual and knew so much
and all I wanted to know was his touch.
The world could spin faster and he would’ve still stood still.
I’m forgetful but I could never forget the way he made me feel.
He was killing me softly with his melody.
Our hearts were harmonizing on the perfect key.
The sound of his voice playing in my head.
The way his music would haunt me while I was in bed.
It all seemed surreal.
If I had to trade my soul to the devil, I’d make the deal.
But soon the song came to a close.
I was left astounded as he left the show.
But I could never forget him even if I tried.
I’m his music box and everything of him is still there inside.

Rachel Hopes

Love is Needed

Boys will be boys.
Girls will be girls.
Aren’t you tired of the stereotypes in this world?
White people are racist.
Black people will rob you.
Do  you think that all of this is true?
If you love Jesus, then you must be self righteous.
If you’re an atheist, then you must be heartless.
All of that is pure nonsense.

What ever happened to just loving your neighbor?
I didn’t know that love required standards.
People don’t want to have to do the labor
and then they ask why they’re prayers haven’t been answered.

Who cares if you don’t believe what I do?
Love is needed and we all know that is true.
There are kids dying and mothers crying
over their babies lying in the streets dead.
We are just sitting here complaining, always hating
while we are safe in our beds.
We’re letting differences come between us.
Where on earth is the love?
There are people out there that love has never touched
because we don’t care enough.
There are people being killed over such stupid stuff.
Nobody’s taking a stand over that but they’ll take a stand for equal love.
We’re so worried about our personal relationships.
We’re not worried about our nations.
That’s nonsense.
The whole world needs love on their side.
Nothing gets accomplished when there is so much hate and pride.
So please when you go out, make someone smile.
It may be small but it’ll make their day worth while.
The world has never seen so much hate.
Is spreading love going to much out of the way?
Is it that hard to show that you care?
Tomorrow, the people you know may not even be there.
So get off your lazy high horse.
You’re no better than anyone.
If love was your only source,
this war of hatred would never have begun.
I’m not asking for very much.
Just please do everything you do in love.


Rachel Hopes

Everyone Deserves Love

Girls have a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of a good man.
They think guys should be perfect but the truth is no man can.
Jesus was the only perfect one who walked the face of the earth.
He was perfection and purely innocence since birth.
So come on how are we suppose to compare them to that?
Even the holiest of saints couldn’t manage that.
So when you get a good guy, don’t let him go.
Cause darling, you’re not perfect you know.

You can be good, and not be perfect.
You can sin, and still be worth it.
Don’t ever think a person doesn’t deserve love.
Cause a long time ago a man gave up his life because he loved you so much.
We have all came short to the glory of God.
Hate should not even be a thought.
So if a Godly man comes your way, don’t shut him out.
Everyone sins; Everyone needs forgiveness. You know what I’m talking about.

Girls might be afraid that they’ll end up getting used.
They have to realize that not everyone wants to leave them abused.
We were told to be silent, we were told to bite our tongue.
We’re so quick to rebel against that, but we can’t even show God’s love.
You can make a stand.
You can fight.
Blood doesn’t have to be shed.
Violence doesn’t make it right.
Disagreements will occur. That’s a matter of fact.
But everyone needs love, and there’s no changing that.

Rachel Hopes

Suicide Through the Cracks: The one the system missed

A must read. Society is so unjust. The world is so cruel, and I believe we need to take a stand.



“You see the giant and the shepherd in the valley and Elah and your eye is drawn to the man with the sword and shield and the glittering armor. But so much of what is beautiful and valuable in the world comes from the shepherd, who has more strength and purpose than we can ever imagine.”
-Malcolm Gladwell

By Cortland Pfeffer       Edited By Irwin Ozborne

I survived a suicide attempt. I also spent years receiving treatment in rehab centers and psychiatric hospitals. However my friend, Joe, did not survive. He spent many years on the streets and in jails before taking his life on February 25, 2010. This is what suicide looks like. This is him after hanging himself.

There is no difference between us, besides our resources and the subsequent treatment we were provided. He grew up in a rough environment including his home, neighborhood, school, friends, and life…

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Never Been Better

Met you when I was fifteen
Had a lot of problems in my life
But before i knew it you had me laughing
All I could do was smile

I had been so broken and I thought i couldnt be fixed
But I had God and you
And you stayed by my side all the way through it
i cant thank you enough for what you do

You made me realize love doesnt come from a man’s touch.
You made me realize love comes from God’s love.
I could see God in you.
You blush but baby it’s true
Your music moved me more than words ever could.
I love you more than I should.

I know it could end in heartbreak.
But it’s a chance I’m willing to take.
Cause darling, I want you forever and always.
I could listen to you for days.

I could stare at that face and waste away.
You’re breathtaking and you make my day.
I wanna dive into your eyes
but oh please never say goodbye.

You make me feel different,
like I could actually win this.
And I don’t wanna give you up.
I don’t want to give away this love.

I am yours until the day I die.
If you want me to be your wife,
I’ll say I do.
Darling, I love you.

Rachel Hopes

July 15

I never knew that life could be like this.
I have always been in deep depression.
My life is now filled with happiness.
This man is my obsession.

He’s full of God and everyone can clearly see.
He’s sweet and kind inside and out.
Everyone loves him including me.
I wanna know what he’s about.

Maybe I’m just curious
half way delirious
to find out who he is.

I’m quite serious
This man is  glorious
I’ve never felt so fearless.

I have trust issues but they all go away.
I don’t have to cry.
With him , I feel so safe.
I no longer feel like I need to die.

When i think of a husband and the father to my children
he fits every part.
I would be scared to get my hopes up again,
but I know he’ll never break my heart.

He’s so talented and intellectual
I can’t help but fall in love.
He gives the glory all to God
and I’ve never wanted a man this much.

It drives me crazy how he strives to be a better man.
He’s so perfect
I don’t know if he can.
This man’s love for God, I highly respect.

If I had to make a list
of what perfection is
He’s everything.

If I had to make a wish
I’d know what my selection is.
He’s just got that something.

I know it’s not safe
to go to a man like this.
Giving my heart away,
but Ignorance is bliss.

I want to put my all in him,
but there’s something that tells me to push him away.
My past has left my life dim,
but I know he’s the one that can make that all change.

I don’t know how life will go
but I know I wanna be with this man.
I’ve screwed my life up though,
but I think he understands.

He’s musically inclined,
He has an open mind,
and I just wanna make him mine.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be good enough,
but he still gives me his love,
and I’ve never loved a man so much.

He shows me they’re not all the same.
He shows me they’re not all the blame.
He shows me he can make me feel safe.
It’s a pleasure just to know his name.

I pray to God for him to be happy,
cause he deserves nothing less.
I pray to God for him to find someone Godly,
cause he deserves the best.

In all honesty,
I hope it’s me,
but if it’s not then it wasn’t meant to be.

I just hope he knows he has me there,
that I’ll always care,
that I’m not going anywhere.

I finally found a man who made me whole.
I finally found a man who makes me smile.
I don’t know if I could ever let him go,
I hope he sticks around for a while.

I wish for him to stay with me,
I pray to God to let it be.
But if it’s not then I don’t mind as long as he’s happy.

I wish the best for his life,
that he’ll have the best wife
and that hard times never come his way.

I wish a tear never comes out of his eyes,
that he’ll never cry,
cause it’d break my heart to a see a tear on his face.

But if it does,
God I pray you’re with him.
Just be there and always brighten his
life when it’s dim.


Rachel Hopes

I do

Speaking about me and you.
I got something to say, something to tell you.
Not leaving out what’s true,
I did something today, something to tell you.
The world was grey and I was in my thoughts
wandering about my life.
You looked at me in a way and you should’ve seen the smile it brought.
oh, I want to be your wife.

So when you get down on your knees, do not be scared.
Cause you already know  so be prepared.

I do. I’m gonna marry you.
There ain’t nothing in our way. I can’t wait till our wedding day.
When I walk down that aisle, and I see you smile.
There’s nothing I want more, nothing else that I’d fight for.
I think it’s comical when you ask me if I love you….
Because you know always and forever, I do.

Rachel Hopes