Light Can’t Be Found

Been crying every night since I was 7 years old
Too scared to be bold
I was drowning in my tears hating myself
I couldn’t get rid of the fears  that I felt
I was anxious, depressed, and insecure
I didn’t even know what I was looking for

Tried to hang myself when i was 11
Earth was hell; I was just trying to get to heaven
Met a boy when i was 12who taught me how to cut
Started then and could never kick it in the butt
Have scars on my wrists and my hips
But i dont blame them cause the words never escaped my lips

People dont get that the knives and fire is not what destroys me
It’s the world and people’s cruelty.
I havent had the best life and its hard to look around
Cause im sometimes consumed in darkness and light cant be found

Rachel Hopes


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