Everyone Deserves Love

Girls have a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of a good man.
They think guys should be perfect but the truth is no man can.
Jesus was the only perfect one who walked the face of the earth.
He was perfection and purely innocence since birth.
So come on how are we suppose to compare them to that?
Even the holiest of saints couldn’t manage that.
So when you get a good guy, don’t let him go.
Cause darling, you’re not perfect you know.

You can be good, and not be perfect.
You can sin, and still be worth it.
Don’t ever think a person doesn’t deserve love.
Cause a long time ago a man gave up his life because he loved you so much.
We have all came short to the glory of God.
Hate should not even be a thought.
So if a Godly man comes your way, don’t shut him out.
Everyone sins; Everyone needs forgiveness. You know what I’m talking about.

Girls might be afraid that they’ll end up getting used.
They have to realize that not everyone wants to leave them abused.
We were told to be silent, we were told to bite our tongue.
We’re so quick to rebel against that, but we can’t even show God’s love.
You can make a stand.
You can fight.
Blood doesn’t have to be shed.
Violence doesn’t make it right.
Disagreements will occur. That’s a matter of fact.
But everyone needs love, and there’s no changing that.

Rachel Hopes


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