Love is Needed

Boys will be boys.
Girls will be girls.
Aren’t you tired of the stereotypes in this world?
White people are racist.
Black people will rob you.
Do  you think that all of this is true?
If you love Jesus, then you must be self righteous.
If you’re an atheist, then you must be heartless.
All of that is pure nonsense.

What ever happened to just loving your neighbor?
I didn’t know that love required standards.
People don’t want to have to do the labor
and then they ask why they’re prayers haven’t been answered.

Who cares if you don’t believe what I do?
Love is needed and we all know that is true.
There are kids dying and mothers crying
over their babies lying in the streets dead.
We are just sitting here complaining, always hating
while we are safe in our beds.
We’re letting differences come between us.
Where on earth is the love?
There are people out there that love has never touched
because we don’t care enough.
There are people being killed over such stupid stuff.
Nobody’s taking a stand over that but they’ll take a stand for equal love.
We’re so worried about our personal relationships.
We’re not worried about our nations.
That’s nonsense.
The whole world needs love on their side.
Nothing gets accomplished when there is so much hate and pride.
So please when you go out, make someone smile.
It may be small but it’ll make their day worth while.
The world has never seen so much hate.
Is spreading love going to much out of the way?
Is it that hard to show that you care?
Tomorrow, the people you know may not even be there.
So get off your lazy high horse.
You’re no better than anyone.
If love was your only source,
this war of hatred would never have begun.
I’m not asking for very much.
Just please do everything you do in love.


Rachel Hopes


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