I’m confused and broken again,
but why should I even try to mend?
I’ll just fall to the ground,
and there may not be enough of me found
to rejoin the broken pieces
I may be too shattered for the pain never ceases.
I am expected to be okay
but have you looked around lately?
Nothing is okay
and where am i suppose to run to safety?
My walls have been torn down to be rebuilt.
I have a broken heart and I need more shelter than my ribs.
The suffering never ends on this earth.
We were bound to sin since birth.
It doesn’t make any sense.
Why should I have to be broken again?
I’m tired of fixing myself.
Isn’t everyone else?
Why should we have to live this life?
We were born to evil and strife.
Just because one couple took an apple from a tree,
we have the chance of burning for eternity.
I love God, but these things I do not understand.
Why should I live in suffering because of the sin of one man and one woman?

Rachel Hopes


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