Wild Child

She runs like the wind
and walks in the middle of the road
Everywhere she goes she leaves a huge dent
She doesn’t like to do what she’s told
She’s a rebel child with a wild side
But when you look at her you can’t help but smile
She loves long walks
and she loves long talks
But sometimes all she wants is silence,
to sit in the middle of nature and take it all in
She doesn’t smoke and she doesn’t drink
but she likes to say what she thinks
Sometimes her opinions are a little bit loud
and sometimes she’s a bit too proud
She realizes she’s human
She repents for her sin
But she still takes the world on each day
She still takes everyone’s breath away

She likes her nails painted black
and the skies painted red
She’s got something the world lacks
but she believes she’s nothing in her head
She’s innocent yet definitely wild
She’s got a soul of wisdom and the heart of a child
She is as stubborn as a mule
and she makes her own rules
She always likes to take the lead
and she’s tilling the earth and planting her seed
No one could ever come in her way
She turns the night into her day
She’s a queen and she knows she stumbles
She can be mean but yet so humble
She’s a contradiction
But everyone’s addiction
On the outside you would think that she is pretty mild
but looking underneath you would find a spirit that is quite wild.

So if you ever think you know this girl, you are so wrong.
She’s the anchor in the sea, the light house on the shore, the one who is so fragile yet so strong.

Rachel Hopes


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