August 28th

So today was the day I got my driver’s license, and that was nerve wrecking enough. I was particularly scared because I was driving there when I hit a squirrel. My heart shattered, for this was the first time I had hit anything. I continued driving and went to the DMV. I was a nervous wreck, but I did get my license. Then, later while at McDonalds, our order costs $6.66 or as the superstitious employee said “triple six.” Not to mention, my dad dropped a motor on his finger messing up his finger  nail pretty bad. “I broke a nail” does not cut it. I’ll drop a photo below.


So today was just a day of bad omens, so I’m still waiting for what this is leading to. I am not really superstitious,  but today was a bit suspicious. Well any who, I got my license. Look below ❤ (:


Rachel Hopes


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