Dying, He saved me

Nobody sees

Nobody knows

They just follow where the lies go

If only they knew

The demons that attack me

How I wish they knew

Who I want to be

I am a Child of The King


and I can’t take this earth

I’m tired of the judging

I’m glad of my rebirth

but where do I go from now?

Not only where but how???

I am but a small human

with a big heart.

God I need you

to bring me out of the dark.

I know I fail

I know I am weak

I know your love prevails

and You’re all I need.


Finally Free

Written on: 09/04/2015

Pain has agonized me all of these days

and now I am free

From confinement, I run away

I want to be me

I wanna laugh and smile

and not feel regret

It’s been a while

since I could relax and forget

Memories flood through  my mind

and sometimes makes me sad

It takes me back to a simpler time,

a time where I was glad

I use to run head first into everything;

nothing was holding me down

But now my ship is sinking

and there’s no anchor to be found

That’s at least what I thought,

but that was not the case

My soul has been bought

and I am safe.

I am not bound by my sins

I am free

I’ll never feel hell again

I have stronger forces with me

I am strong and humble

I have God on my side

 With Him I can not stumble

and for that I have pride