My Best Friend’s Illness

Written: 10/25/2016


Never knowing when he might go

Panicking every time he is sick

Trying to not let it show

Looking for cures or even magic

It is all smiles then all pain

Taking pills every day

He is still sunshine in all the rain

I’m begging God to not take him away

I know one day it will come

He will leave my side

My life will come undone

For he was not supposed to die

There will be the ones who will say

At least he is not suffering

But they don’t understand the prayers I have prayed

They weren’t the ones watching

We say “till death do us part”

Thinking we are invincible

but forever will he remain in my heart

Life without him isn’t livable

For now, he is alive

And for that I praise

But I know one day he will die

And for that, I worry all my days.







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