November: Trevecca

I promised to write about November, so here I am… a little late. But nonetheless, I will write about it  now.

The first major event of November was going to Nashville for the McClurkan Scholarship Day. I wore my brown skirt suit with a purple top and wore flats for I would be walking around quite a bit. At 9:00 a.m., the McClurkan Scholars were registered and then welcomed into the Benson Auditorium or McClurkan Building. From 10 to 11 a.m. we met in Academic Focus Groups, mine being Human and Behavioral Science. Once in the class room, we broke down into groups such as law, social work, and psychology. My future major is social work, so another  girl and I met with a professor in that field. We learned about different clubs we could be in and different community service projects we would do. It was very interesting and throughout the day I reconfirmed that Trevecca was home to me. The other girl that was also interested in social work was Emily Riggs. I absolutely adored her spirit and we became friends. I am happy to say that she will be my roommate. After the focus groups, we went to the Boone Business Building where we ate a wonderfully prepared lunch and was entertained by a Christian musical group from Trevecca. President Dan Boone spoke and answered questions. We were free to take tours of the campus or go off and do our own thing with our family. We had 15 minute interviews from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. My individual interview was at 3:30 p.m. I was nervous. I had been praying about this for the whole day and I was literally a bundle of nerves. However, I asked God right before going in for strength and that His will be done. I went in and saw Mr. Toy that I had met earlier at lunch who was in charge of marketing. There were two other men in the room who were so kind and friendly, but unfortunately I can not remember their names. They asked me common questions like, “Why Trevecca?”  and “What do you want to do in the future?” We talked about my church and school and all the activities I’m involved in. We also talked about God. God is very important to me and that excites me that I will be going to a college where I can talk about God freely and be able to converse with students who also love God. God delivered the strength for me to get through my interview and it ended with smiles and hugs. I felt like it went great, and it did. After the interview, we were free. I went and changed and then went back to the Admissions lobby at 5:30 to leave for the Nashville Nights Event. Emily came with me and we walked down Broadway and ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which was paid by Trevecca. I had fun and I still remember a boy named Jesse Miller rapping about events in the Bible. The next day was Experience Trevecca Day. It had nothing to do with the scholarship and I barely saw anyone that was there the previous day. Experience Trevecca day was set up as the day before but without any interviews. I took a tour of the campus after the events and saw the dorms. I believe I want the dorm next to the cafeteria but I am not quite sure yet. I stayed around after the tour and saw the campus by myself. It’s beautiful. I love how the squirrels came so close to me and I absolutely adored the front statue of Jesus and the little waterfall. It’s not a modern campus. It is not booming like the regular public university, but it has a homey feel I know I would not get anywhere else. As I walked on the side walks, I had a sense of peace as if God was willing me that Trevecca is the place I need to be. I know it is the place I need to be and will be. Sadly, I did not get the McClurkan Scholarship. It wasn’t God’s will and I am beyond happy for the ones who did receive it. I have received other scholarships and I am still going.  I have paid my enrollment deposit and will be applying for housing as soon as it is made available. I love Trevecca and I can not wait to go there this fall.


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