I AM ENGAGED! (July 12,2017)

Hello! I am excited to announce my engagement to my wonderful, now fiancé, Zackary Shaikh. First, let me take a moment to brag about my Zackary. Zack is a ministry major at a Christian university near my hometown and currently serves as a deacon and Sunday School teacher in his church. He knows ASL, how to play the piano and guitar and so much more. He graduated top of his class in a competitive class and even tutored at the local community college while in high school. He has went on various mission trips, including a Deaf camp where he learned ASL. Although this man is talented in just about everything, there is so much more to him than his intelligence and amazing abilities out in the world. Not only does he love me right, he loves me like Jesus does. This man knows me inside and out, but does not dare use it against me but for me. He forgives me when I do not deserve it. He sees my worst and loves me as if I am perfect, which I am most certainly not. He spoils me with attention, food, laughter, and so much more. I have never been happier. I smile more, I enjoy myself more, and I love myself more. If another person can look at all my flaws and still CHOOSE to love me, I know that I should be able to love myself as well. He is compassionate towards people and animals. He loves people and I cannot believe how easy it is for him to just get out there and speak to anyone and everyone. I get very anxious in social situations but he does not hold that against me or try to push me out of my comfort zone. He just holds my hand and walks me through everything, especially the hard situations. He is the one who gets down and prays on his knees with me when I cannot stand the weight that is on my shoulders. He wipes my tears and makes me laugh. He shines like Jesus when all I can see is darkness. When I met him, I never knew he would be this vital in my life but I did know that he was someone I wanted in my life. A friendship turned into a beautiful thing. Now I get to marry my bestfriend and I do not deserve this blessing but I will thank God everyday for not only this man but the mercy and love He Himself gives to me daily. Last Saturday, the 8th, we traveled 11 hours down to my father’s in Southeast Texas. Zack had never met my father so my father invited us to spend a week down here. We spent the first few days down at the sandbar down the road and watching netflix and just spending time with my family. Yesterday, Wednesday, my father took my brother and his girlfriend, and Zack and I to Surfside beach. It was a picture perfect day. The sun was shining in all of God’s brilliance. The sky was clear except for some beautiful clouds. The salt water felt great against my skin. It was a beautiful sight, one I will forever remember. Zack asked my father and my brother for my hand in marriage. He also asked my mother. I know some may call it old-fashioned, but I love that he had the respect for me and my family to do so. At the end of the day when we were about to leave the beach he asked if my family could take a picture of us. He then turned and I had a feeling about what was happening. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I wrapped my arms around him and I said yes! How could I not? I now wear my great-grandmother’s ring which means so much to me. I love sentimental things and I am honored to wear her ring. I am young. I may not know everything, but I do know I love this man. I know that it is real and spiritually led. I know he will take care of me and guide me as he guides me everyday to lead me to the woman I need to be. I am unapologetically in love. I am unapologetically following Christ until the day I die. I know God led us to one another and what God has joined together let no man tear apart. Pray for us as we move on to this chapter in our lives. It will not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

~Future Mrs. Shaikh


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